Peeler Centrifuge

Peeler Centrifuge

The Peeler Centrifuge is a device that performs by rotating filtration drum in an axis. A centrifuge follows on the principle of centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids by density difference. High rotation speed provides high centrifugal force that allows the suspended solid in feed to settle on the inner surface of drum, also washing and washing processes at the same rotational speed and in same centrifuge vessel. There are three kinds of centrifuge, horizontal, vertical peeler centrifuge and siphon peeler centrifuge.

Horizontal peeler :

The horizontal peeler centrifuge is one of oldest peeler centrifuge designs. The horizontal peeler centrifuge has a general structure with horizontal rotating drum, which sits inside of external casing. The door of drum can be opened fully and contains feed; wash, feed control and solids discharge components.

Modern machines are supported by cantilever for ease of access to inside of drum and components for purpose of maintenance. The unit required rugged structure, as it needs to handle high speeds of rotation and feeds, discharging capability.

Vertical peeler :

The vertical peeler (also known as vertical basket peeler) is a centrifuge system that has the same basic operating principles as the horizontal peeler centrifuge. The only difference other than arrangement, is that the scrapped off solids layers are not removed by chute of peeler, but it is discharged through the discharge chute at the bottom of centrifuge vessel.

Because it does not utilize peeler action to remove solid layers, the centrifuge system must be decelerated so that the solid product can be discharged by gravity without centrifugal force that prevents solids to be dropped to discharge chute.

Siphon peeler :

The siphon peeler centrifuge is another peeler centrifuge design. Rather than only centrifugal pressure based filtration, siphon peeler centrifuge contains perforate units both horizontally and vertically.

Siphon peeler centrifuge has similar structure to horizontal peeler centrifuge, except instead of inner drum wall with pores, siphon peeler centrifuge has solid inner drum wall where the liquid filtered through solid cake and filter medium will flow along the wall axially and through siphon pipe into separate chamber unlike horizontal peeler centrifuge.