Spray-Type Deaerator

The Spray-Type Deaerator consists of a horizontal or vertical cylindrical vessel which serves as both the deaeration section and the boiler feedwater storage tank.

The typical spray-type deaerator is a horizontal vessel which has a preheating section and a deaeration section. The two sections are separated by a baffle. Low-pressure steam enters the vessel through a sparger in the bottom of the vessel.

The boiler feedwater is sprayed into a section where it is preheated by the rising steam from the sparger.

The purpose of the feedwater spray nozzleand the preheat section is to heat the boiler feedwater to its saturation temperature to facilitate stripping out the dissolved gases in the following deaeration section.

The preheated feedwater then flows into the deaeration section, where it is deaerated by the steam rising from the sparger system.

The gases stripped out of the water exit via the vent at the top of the vessel. The deaerated boiler feedwater is pumped from the bottom of the vessel to the steam generating boiler system.