Start up & Commissioning


dust collector Regular workload peaks? In a time when cost redution is a must, outsourcing may be necessary. With health and safety always in mind, our personnel's vast knowledge of chemical, mining and environmental processes allows STS to optimally assist and advise our clients during equipment and process start-up.


Once the client's need have been defined, the crew member assigned on site will participate in production and maintenance meetings of the sector to be started-up. He or she will be in direct communication with the personnel in charge of the sector. This crew member will validate operating parameters, monitor them and calculate the efficiency of the unit operation. Throughout this operation, he or she will issue recommendations for not only health, environment and safety aspects but also on the operational side. At all times will this resources will be supported by STS Canada's engineers and technicians. Indeed, STS Canada uses the latest communication technology to stay in touch. Such tools included (but are not limite to): Webex, Skype, Onenote, Sharepoint and other cloud related tools that allow the whole team to support all facets of the project at all times. When calling upon STS Canada, our clients are able to better control their process environment, whether it be at start-up for new equipment or recommissioning units that have been modified to better suit the client's needs (change in the supply chain, new operating conditions, production level increase, etc.).